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Syllabus Part 1

Course Information: Online Learning for Students

Class Meeting Information: 100% Online

Instructor Information: Mr. Dynamic


Course Description:

This course provides students with an example of what an online course looks like and provides tips for being successful with online learning. 

Course Student Learning Outcomes

Course Student Learning Outcomes
Course Student Learning Outcomes
At the end of this course,
a successful student will be able to…
Method of Assessment
How Learning Will Be Measured

Aligned Program Student Learning Outcomes

Include if Required for Program

Aligned Accreditation Standards (if applicable)

Include if Required for Program



Assessment and Grade Distribution:

Assessment and Grade Distribution
Method of Assessment Brief Description of Assessment  Percentage of Grade

University Grading Scale:

University Grading Scale
90 – 100 % 80 – 89 % 70 – 79 % 60 – 69 % Below 60 %

Point System:

The Canvas Grade Center for all Thomas University courses matches the course syllabus points or percentages for methods of assessment so that students can assess their academic performance in the course throughout the term.


Required Text and Materials:

Textbook(s): The following textbook(s) is required for this course:


Materials: The following materials or software are required for this course:


In order to be successful in this course, you will need a computer, access to a printer, and access to the internet (preferably high-speed). Additional requirements include:
Digital video camera
Access to a printer-enabled device
Digital Audio Recorder

Library Resources in Courses: Click the "Library Tools" course link for quick access to library resources and live chat with a Librarian

Resources in Canvas: Click the "Help" button in Canvas to access the following information

  • 24/7 Canvas Support
  • Online Learning Orientation
  • Student Help Desk Contact Procedures: for all login issues, email issues, computer lab issues, etc.
  • TU Student Services Contacts: Academic Resource Center (ARC), Disability Services Library, Registrar, Student Accounts & Financial Aid, Student Success, Student Life and more


Student Identity Verification:

Only included this section if ProctorU is being used. If not, the instructor should delete.

Online Course Assessment
Your assessment titled, [Insert Name of Your Assessment Here], must be proctored online via ProctorU, a live proctoring service. This service will be utilized in all fully online courses at Thomas University for one assessment per course. It helps us ensure student identity and the academic integrity of the assessment. Failure to attempt the assessment as specified in this syllabus will result in automatic failure of the course.

Your quiz/exam/written assessment will be available for you on [Enter the Dates and Specific Times the Assessment will be Available]. During the assessment, you are allowed to use [Indicate specifically what sources/resources can be used during the assessment IF ANY]. You will have [Length of time (up to 2 hours)] to complete the assessment.

Things you MUST know and do prior to the assessment:

  • Schedule an appointment at least 72 hours in advance of your assessment: Do so by going to Thomas University’s ProctorU Portal where you will set up an account and select a specific day and time to take the quiz/exam/written assignment. If you do not schedule an appointment at least 72 hours in advance of your assessment, you will be required to pay a fee to gain access to the assessment.
  • Proctored exams cannot be taken in the TU Library Computer Labs because that is a public environment.
  • Test your equipment before your appointment to ensure everything works
  • Equipment needed: a computer with fast and reliable internet connection, webcam, headphones or speakers connected to the computer, a working microphone (often connected to the computer or webcam)
  • Document needed: Identification (student or government-issued)
  • Other Information:
     Be sure to set aside enough time to complete the assessment and to have time to work with the proctor to get set up for the assessment.
     Take the assessment in a quiet, comfortable, and well-lit area. Your proctor will need a clear view of your surroundings and your face in order to grant access to your assessment.
  • If you have any questions about ProctorU before the assessment, you may call ProctorU at 205-870-8122 or email TU’s IT Help Desk is not affiliated with ProctorU; all set-up questions and issues must be directed to ProctorU.


Class Policies:

Course Notes and Materials Policy
As professor of this course, I DO NOT grant permission to share my course notes and materials with others outside of the immediate class. (Reference: Student Handbook Policy


Syllabus Part 2
Part 2 of the Syllabus includes university-wide academic policies and academic support information for students. It is posted in every Canvas course shell. Every student in this course is responsible for following the Thomas University Honor Code and policies in Part 2 of this course syllabus.

Syllabus Part 2 (Policies)



Course Schedule:

Class Dates/Weeks Class Topic Assignments Assignment Due Dates



A. Program Specific Information / Outcomes
B. Detailed Course Requirements and Evaluation
C. Additional Class Policies
D. Additional Course Resources (reading list, bibliography, websites, links, etc.)


Course Summary:

Date Details Due